This Will Fundamentally Change the Way You Look at Racehorse Ownership

3 min readOct 29, 2021

The racehorse industry is elusive. While more people would like to get into it, the high costs, lack of transparency, high risks, and low liquidity make it a strenuous sport for potential racehorse owners.

However, Maxima plans to change that. With a vision to bridge the gap between NFT and horse racing, the platform combines the knowledge of expert horse-racing participants and advanced blockchain technology to provide users with an enjoyable and fully immersive experience.

Here are some noteworthy ways Maxima is steadily changing the posh horse-racing industry.

  1. Affordable Ownership
    Traditionally, owning a racehorse cost nearly a billion dollars, requires access to a horse stable, time, and effort to train a horse, and significant financial resources. The syndication process at Maxima allows users to purchase a racehorse NFT that can be either fully owned or split by several users in fractional shares. Like profits, the risks are shared among multiple users, making it a viable option for many horse racing enthusiasts.
  2. Transparent Proceedings
    Each process at Maxima is completely transparent. From buying a unique Genesis-NFT racehorse to the history and portfolio of the horse, share-owners can watch the progress and development of the horse at every stage. Moreover, each NFT transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and the data is publicly accessible, providing a price transparency advantage to investors and collectors.
  3. Effortless Process
    Complex transactions and the involvement of middlemen are eliminated through NFT integration and a transparent exchange system. Maxima employs a structure of tokenizing horses to decentralize the process and make it hassle-free.
  4. Rapid Growth
    Racehorses are a high-stake investment, often causing many individuals to weigh the pros and cons. The lack of funds, transparency, and knowledge keeps many racehorse lovers at bay. However, with Maxima tackling these issues, users can now own partial shares of a horse, share profits and losses, read through a racehorse’s history, and even earn bonuses on the occasion that their horse performs well in the tournament rank.
    Maxima’s rapid operations and fluid entry and exit process distinguish it from traditional horse racing activities.
  5. Exciting Opportunity
    Horse Racing with Maxima is not only simple and affordable but exciting too. With each racehorse’s diversified portfolio and the ability to see them develop, made accessible, users can make an informed purchase and stay updated every step of the way.
    Furthermore, Maxima paves the way for creators to fully benefit from their investments by paying royalties (payments made to the initial horse owner) every time their racehorse share is purchased.
  6. Cross-Region Participation
    Horse-racing is no longer limited to a certain demographic. Maxima promotes global racehorse ownership, trading, and management of racehorses to various individuals around the world. The racehorse club combines blockchain technology and social media to partake in racehorse ownership and reap its multiple benefits from around the globe.

Last Contemplations

Upgrading the platform to a level where brokers can invest with a blind eye, Maxima aims to grow more within each second. NFT technology has taken great turns for the investors at Maxima and invited a whole other crowd to put their faith in the platform’s strong and reliable security measures.

Maxima deeply understands the concerns of their holders; their utter knowledge regarding the equine market has made it easier for them to take professional control over the platform.

About Maxima 🐴

Maxima is the world’s first NFT real-world horse racing platform. It aims to promote accessibility to horse ownership and investment opportunities within the horse racing industry in a fun, easy, and affordable manner.

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