NFTs on real world racehorse — A new investment trend on NFTs You Can’t Afford To Miss

5 min readOct 29, 2021

Maxima holds the position to be the world’s most initial blockchain-based platform for global racehorse exchange trading. It is a trading platform that connects millions of brokers and racehorse enthusiasts internationally, offering ease and liquidity throughout the process of buying and selling.

Partnership with NFTs

The mere factors as an obstacle to carefree trading of horses are high prices, long processes, lack of data availability, no centralized marketplaces, and a high possibility for risks. These issues derive a small percentage of traders from living their racehorse enthusiasm while pushing the rest back. However, Maxima has worked on bringing a change completely through their platform. Adding to the surety of no risks and backing up the growth of their equine market, they have introduced NFTs to strengthen the global impact with racehorse trading.

NFTs declare the ownership of a person or lock their control over a certain asset. With the vision of security and betterment through the end of NFTs and the aim of Maxima to bring efficiency, transparency, and liquidity to the trading of horses in the equine market, a fusion of both these beneficial assets has added a lot to the global growth of the platform in the interest of brokers and investors.

Horse Industrial Chain and NFTs

Currently, NFT is becoming a part of almost every asset of the world, including games. It is expected to revolve around cars and houses because the bottom line with NFTs remains in favor of the person utilizing them.

Incorporating the scope of NFT with the industrial horse chain will be a gateway for people to make a sensible investment by putting their trust in the platform without any hassle or second thoughts. Maxima’s racehorse platform has a versatile range of ideas with horses.

They promote the racehorse’s ownership, bring up activities through social media, which derives an international fan base leading to brokers investing large amounts in the exchange and rewards for the racehorse’s owner.

Minimization of Risks

It is a known and acknowledged fact that putting up money in horse racing is risking business. It is recommended to consult the advice of a bloodstock agent who can tell you the correct path for the money to be invested. Maxima saves its brokers any hassle by their proper listing procedure, which assures the process of the racehorse’s owners. They allow fractional investments of multiple brokers on a single horse.

This is good for two reasons; one is that even if a broker does not hold a big budget to fund a separate horse, they can still buy a fraction and enjoy the race with equal enthusiasm. Second, even if a person holds a budget to support one whole horse, they can invest its fractions into different horses except for buying a new one. This increases their chances of winning, and this might earn them a solid amount of NFT rewards.

How Does Maxima NFTs Work?

After the horse is certified and the creator’s authentication process of Know Your Customer (KYC) is succeeded, the racehorse NFT is produced. Even though NFTs and blockchain technology have backed up the security factors at Maxima, they still never leave things unverified. The racehorse bought would either be owned by an investor or multiple brokers having shared. Maxima welcomes every individual and their budget to make their mark in the equine market using NFTs. Once the investor has gotten the NFT, they can buy, sell or bid on a racehorse to gain its NFT.

Every horse is backed by its share-owners, and the exchange lets the traders access the complete history of the horses without hesitation. This is done to build trust among Maxima and its brokers. Each sale on the trading exchange is logged on the blockchain. The data of the horses is available publicly as well for the transparency of price ranges without any extra fees.

Return on Investment

After you have considered Maxima and bought the racehorse through NFTs, now let’s talk about the rewards or return on investment (RoI). The return on investment is the middle line between the investment and the income. It can be counted as a profit for the investment made on a certain asset.

Maxima offers a great scope of return on investments sponsored by the star of the show, NFTs. Their rewards are beyond worthy. What could be more mesmerizing for racehorse fanatics than earning profits out of investment on something they truly enjoy?

Following are some return on investment (RoI) offered by Maxima:

  • NFT features as a royalty, i.e., it gives the holder a percentage from each sale their product made in the market. Smart contracts carry out NFT payments.
  • Horse price appreciation
  • Maxima provides the broker an amazing opportunity to stake at their coin $MAX. This can help an investor derive more money. It is a reward that makes openings for further rewards.
  • Horse breeding and valuations are one of the returns of investments (RoI) which will be a gateway for much more payment sources. Currently, people make thousands of dollars from horse breeding.
  • Investors can earn bonuses from tournaments.
  • They can get $MAX coin appreciation.
  • Earn from auctions.

Rewards for NFT Owners If Their Horses Die or Get Retired

After their retirement, most of the racehorses are competent to go to stud to be steeds or broodmares. However, if the horses die or get retired, Maxima will take their breeds and list them over for sale or trade. The holder can still earn a percentage from the royalties irrespective of the horse they bought.

As Maxima put away the greater part of the significant information of the racehorses on the blockchain, it is additionally workable for us to imitate the exact copy of racehorses for NFT later on.

About Maxima 🐴

Maxima is the world’s first NFT real-world horse racing platform. It aims to promote accessibility to horse ownership and investment opportunities within the horse racing industry in a fun, easy, and affordable manner.

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