Maxima: The Entry to the $300+ Billion Market

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know of the massive growth of NFTs in the past year. But NFTs go beyond a meme on the internet, or a png that gives you access to a cool community. It creates ownership and locks value into financial ecosystems that have been unattainable in the past.

A recent trend within the NFT community has been blockchain gaming, in which users all over the world can play video games and earn crypto. This is not only innovative, but also a revolutionary way to help individuals make an extra income, especially in the most unprivileged parts of the world. A great example is the Philippines, where the lack of jobs and opportunities during the pandemic allowed the NFT and gaming economy to replace people’s full time jobs. If this can happen through blockchain gaming, imagine what could happen if everyone had access to high level entry sports!

Today, there are many sports that have a high level entry point, including formula 1, sailing, and equestrian sports. These sports usually cost large amounts of money to participate, leaving most of the world out. But isn’t the whole point of blockchain to create financial inclusivity?

Maxima is the first of its kind NFT trading platform for horse racing, allowing people to own real horses through syndication and fractionalized NFTs, breaking the barrier of entry to equestrian sports. Maxima is unique from other NFT horse racing platforms by allowing people to own an actual horse behind the race, instead of virtual horses that work as NFTs in regards to rarity and value. Through Maxima, players get the benefits of both the centralized and decentralized world; participants can earn money based on the appreciation of the horse, as well as horse breeding, auctions, and tournaments. At the same time, they can also make money through decentralized technologies by owning NFT royalties that allow them to make an income for each sale of the NFT. They can also own and stake the $MAX token and make money based on the token appreciation and staking rewards.

But some of you might be wondering, why on earth would I buy an online horse? And the truth is that the equestrian market has grown immensely since COVID, and many investors are choosing to enter online horse auctions. According to the NY Times, a recent 12 day Keeneland sale netted for almost $340 Million, and online bidders took the lead. The Metaverse as of today is a $21 Billion dollar market, and it is expected to reach the $800 Billion mark by 2024. The race horsing market is worth $3 Billion, and it does not seem to stop any time soon. Both markets have tons of untapped potential, which combined will be the perfect recipe for successful metaverse sports. Think about all the people in the metaverse, who have never been exposed to race horsing, or people in the race horsing space who have never been exposed to the metaverse and blockchain. By uniting these communities, we can create a more equitable, life-changing, and profitable market.



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Create and Mint your realworld racehorse NFT, list them for purchase or bidding. Invest with ease.