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3 min readApr 11, 2022


All the information you need to know about our NFT Ticket Sale is at below.

Maxima NFT Horse Ticket Sale Details:

  • Two rounds of sale: Presale and Public Sale
  • Total ticket supply: 5100 Tickets
  • Maxima Reserves: 30 Tickets
  • Presale ticket supply: 450 Tickets (only whitelisted addresses can participate in the presale)
  • Whitelist quota: 150 addresses
  • Maximum purchase: (presale: 3 tickets, public: no limit)
  • Opensea Collection:

Presale & Public Sale:

Please join our discord channel and follow our social media to get the latest updates.

Maxima Horse Ticket sale event will happen in a fixed-price instant-sale format on a first come first serve basis. The minting page will be on our landing page Price is listed as follows and ETH will be used to mint the tickets.

Whitelisting Information

Please join our discord channel. The whitelisting process will be announced on the channel.

Benefits for Maxima Ticket holders

  • The first batch of owners of the world’s first NFT racehorse. It is also the early access ticket to our NFT Ecosystem, enjoying exclusive offers and Airdrop opportunities before everyone else.
  • Able to join Maxima exclusive horse-racing events
  • Participate in racehorse exchange platform development & decision-making
  • Participate in real life horse-racing events
  • Airdrop exclusive offers / NFTs / racehorse shares, including discounts on horse management / trainer fees
  • Larger profit sharing from winnings
  • First to participate in our horse racing metaverse backed with real world racehorses

Maxima NFT Horse Tickets will be listed according to the tiers. The prices are as follows:

Tier Starter:

0.5–2 years old Yearlings / Weanling / Foals

  • Yearlings are horses that are old enough to be assessed by racehorse advisers (vet, trainer, bloodstock agent) for conformation, etc, but have not been broken in, so their racing ability has not been exposed.

Price: 0.05 ETH (0.04 ETH at presale)

Supply: 3000 Tickets (with 250 presale quota)

Tier Premium:

2–3 years old thoroughbreds

  • Most thoroughbreds at this age are at the point where they can develop the muscular and skeletal modeling required for safe and successful racing.

Price: 0.15 ETH (0.12 ETH at presale)

Supply: 1500 Tickets (with 150 presale quota)

Tier Elite:

3 years old or above racehorses with their racing ability proved and classified

  • Horses at this age are sufficiently matured and will enter their first race. For example, Melbourne Cup horses can be as young as 3 years old, but generally, more mature horses that are 4 or 5 years old are the most successful in the great race.

Price: 0.5 ETH (0.4 ETH at presale)

Supply: 600 Tickets (with 50 presale quota)

  • There is no age overlapping between the 3-horse tiers, and the age cutoff is based on January each year.

Horse Options on Maxima

Currently, Maxima has already partnered with stables and horse farms in Australia and the United Kingdom. Despite the tickets being shares of three equivalent racehorses, there are more than 100 horses from our partners. With more partnerships coming in the future, Maxima will give a variety of horse choices to all Maxima Ticket holders.

About Maxima

Maxima Racing Exchange is the world’s First Blockchain-Based Global Racehorse Ownership Trading Exchange. Racehorses are exchanged on Maxima in the form of NFTs backed by their physical counterparts.

To learn more about Maxima, please visit

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