Maxima NFT Ticket Sale Coming🚀

2 min readApr 8, 2022

Hello everyone! 👋🏻 We’re excited to announce the first NFT sale for Maxima racehorse Ticket! The Maxima NFT tickets are exchangeable to real racehorses shares that will be listed on Maxima Exchange in the form of NFT in the future. Our real world racehorse marketplace is under development and will be launched in Q3-Q4 2022🚀

We are now selling redeemable NFT horse tickets in three tiers, it will be carried out by minting with ETH on our official landing page, public sale prices are:

Starter tier NFT horse — 0.05 ETH

Premium tier NFT horse — 0.15 ETH

Elite tier NFT horse — 0.5 ETH

Maxima NFT Tickets

They are redeemable NFT tickets for racehorse shares (in the form of fractional NFTs) that are bought and sold on Maxima Racehorse Exchange in the future. Holding horse NFTs allows users to participate in managing real-world horses, receive rewards, and ultimately enjoy prize money from horse racing competitions. The total ticket supply of each tier (Starter, Premium & Elite) represents one entire horse, so we are selling racehorse shares of 3 racehorses equivalent.

About Maxima

Maxima Racing Exchange is the world’s First Blockchain-Based Global Racehorse Ownership Trading Exchange. Racehorses are exchanged on Maxima in the form of NFTs backed by their physical counterparts.

To learn more about Maxima, please visit

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