Maxima: Bridging NFT & Horse Racing

3 min readOct 24, 2021

Maxima is ushering in a new era of innovation in equestrian performance sports with its NFT offerings. The platform aims to build a blockchain-powered ecosystem for racehorse ownership through its NFT integration and trading exchange services. This approach democratizes racehorse ownership allowing everyday fans to experience the privileges of owning a racehorse.

The Problem

Horse Racing Market Size (US) (billions)
Horse Racing Market Size (US) (billions)

The horse racing industry is worth over a billion dollars, but it is only accessible to a few wealthy individuals. This is because these few individuals own the racehorses, which are the primary drivers of this industry. Therefore, to democratize this billion-dollar market, horse ownership must also be democratized. Owning and maintaining a racehorse is a laborious process. One must consider high costs, high risks, data unavailability, lack of liquidity, and the centralized marketplace.

This is where Maxima comes into play. By leveraging NFT integration and building a transparent exchange, Maxima lowers the entry barrier to horse ownership, allowing any interest party or individual to participate actively in the horse racing industry.

Our Solution

To achieve its goal of decentralizing racehorse ownership, Maxima has deployed a system of tokenizing horses.

This mechanism operates in 3 key steps:

  1. Minting: Racehorse NFT creators can mint NFT for real racehorses once they pass the KYC and verification processes.
  2. Syndication: Through the syndication or auction process, interested users can purchase a racehorse via its NFT. Multiple users can also own a single horse through fractional shares.
  3. Bidding: Opens the floor for Maxima users to buy or place bids on unique racehorses.

Tokenized horse ownership only scratches the surface. Maxima also offers users a comprehensive racehorse database to make informed purchasing decisions, diversify their portfolios, and spread risks. Maxima users can also take advantage of the Maxima online exchange and the gamified NFT farming process.

This gamification system allows NFT owners to get the full experience of owning and raising a racehorse. They can partake in the entire training process from nurturing to breeding while enjoying the profits from the racing prize money.

How is Maxima NFT Different?

The core function of an NFT is to denote ownership of an asset. While the NFT sector has exploded in growth over the past year, NFTs are primarily applied to digital media like art, games, and music. It is rare to see NFTs utilized for tangible physical assets with true value propositions.

By tying NFTs to horse ownership, Maxima is redefining the application of non-fungible tokens and bridging the real world with its digital counterpart.

Maxima NFTs separates itself from the pack in 3 crucial ways:

  • Real-World Asset Ownership: Maxima NFTs represent racehorses; real-world asset investments.
  • Tokenized Syndication: Unlike regular NFTs, Maxima NFT ownership can be broken down into fragments allowing multiple users to own shares of a single NFT.
  • Merit-Based Reward System: In contrast with regular NFTs, Maxima NFT owners earn rewards through their performance, not pre-selected attributes.

Maxima’s innovative NFT approach to racehorse ownership opens the door for new opportunities in the horse racing industry. It will allow for the onboarding of a new generation of tech-savvy racehorse owners.

“NFT popularity has grown tremendously over the past year, but is there true utility with the amount of NFTs that have proliferated the space? Maxima attempts to bring value and utility to NFTs by combining the NFT concept with horse racing and ownership. Our offerings will democratize horse racing and allow everyone to access this billion-dollar industry.” — Maxima Team.

About Maxima 🐴

Maxima is the world’s first NFT real-world horse racing platform. It aims to promote accessibility to horse ownership and investment opportunities within the horse racing industry in a fun, easy, and affordable manner.

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